Dear Pastor, 

Rocky Smith, whom I have known since he was a little boy, has a story to tell in word and song of the greatness of our God. His story of tragedy and his story of God’s Grace is a remarkable witness of God’s faithfulness in his life.

His ministry is not about himself, but about the Lord, Holy high and lifted up. Neat in appearance, sensitive to the leading of the spirit,  and serving the Lord with strong convictions, Robert “Rocky” Smith will be a great blessing to your people. His style of music will be that which will uplift the Lord, and his message will exalt Christ as the only door to Heaven. While many pastors are concerned with the personality of guest coming in, let me assure you that Brother Smith has such a sweet, kind and gentle nature who makes friends everywhere he ministers.

I think you will be pleased, and I think your people will be revived and refreshed. I’d like to recommend to you and your church.

 Dave Compton
WPET Program Director
7819 National  Service Road
Greensboro, N.C. 27409
336-387-7257 (Office)
336-387-7206 (Fax)
336-420-4275 (Cell)

 My name is Jackie Springs and I am the Pastor of Sonlight Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC. I just wanted to take a minute and tell all of you about Rocky and Gail Smith of Rocky Smith Ministries. Rocky and Gail are two people that love the Lord and are being used by Him. They have been at our Church several times this year and they are a Blessing each time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get them to come to your Church as soon as you can. God is using them in a MIGHTY WAY to reach others for Him. If you are looking for a Blessing then have them come to your Church. You will see what I mean.

Pastor Jackie Springs